Please see our Calendar Events for dates and places of the event. Come and join us and have an enjoyable time with us for not only the GACA events but also other German club in the Kansas City area.

The German club is no longer at 512 Bong St., Belton. The building has been sold but the German club will continue to present German American cultural events. We extend a great thank you to all those who have supported us over the years and enjoyed our events. We will continue to provide German cultural and educational events. If you wish to be informed of future events, please send your name and email address to

Saturday Afternoon Get-Together

For a number of years our club had a Friday evening social time at the old clubhouse. It was very enjoyable and well attended. We would like to bring this back by meeting together on Saturday afternoons beginning between two and 2:30 at the KC Bier company located a half block east of Wornall Road on 79th St. We will begin on Saturday May 20 and each Saturday thereafter. There is a large outdoor beer garden area and inside is a replica of the typical beer establishment with heavy wooden tables and benches. Carlton, their beer Meister learned his craft in Munich, Germany. So you can have a variety of German beers American-made, right here in Kansas City. They also have food items. Steve Holle, the founder of KC Bier, and his partner, Juergen Hager, are members of the GACA. Steve is from Kansas City and has excellent command of the German language, and of course, great taste and knowledge in beer. Juergen is from Munich, Germany. Munich is my second hometown. They have formed a great partnership and are making a nice addition to the German community.

The Polka on Steroids band plays from 3 until 5 o’clock on Saturdays. We will have some very good music and a very fun band. They are superb musicians led by Bram Wijnands from Holland. He is a world renowned slide piano Jazz musician and plays at the Majestic. Here he plays the accordion and cracks it up! Jurgen Welge, from Germany, plays the drums. He and Bram studied music together in Europe.David Chael, from Kansas City, plays the reeds.

The GACA celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the organization on October 28, 2006

Interesting news from the German consulate. It contains contact information about the German consulate and information about applying for a new passport if you are a German citizen and still living over here. We hope this will provide you with good information. Information from German Consult

There is a German Radio Show airing every Wednesday live on 1140AM & 102.9FM stations at 10 AM with re-broadcasts at 5 PM. The "Got Schnitzel" Radio show is a bilingual German cultural show. Various topics shall vary rom Wine-Food-Travel-History. You may call in with questions.